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What’s Your Money Fear?

According to a recent survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies running out of money is the biggest fear among Americans. The survey reveals that American workers feel they are unprepared for retirement. They also believe that they do not have a sufficient¬† backup plan in the event they are forced into retirement earlier […]

Want Financial Advice? Ask the Kids

“Kids! What’s the matter with kids these days?”¬† The funny thing about that lyric from the Bye Bye Birdie musical number Kids is that it never goes out of style. It’s the same with finances. As we rush to stereotype people and create names and characteristics for every generation, we also like to say that […]

Would Seeing Your Future Self Inspire You to Save?

by showing a person what they might look like when they are old, it will bring aging to reality and thus close the gap between now and the future. Researchers go on to hypothesize that when subjects are shown their future self they will then be more likely to save for their future.

You rebalance your tires. Why not your investments?

You’ve probably heard that to maintain your investments you shouldn’t constantly change your financial strategy. While this is true, you can’t keep making left turns or holding on to the same 401(k) or stock mix when there isn’t any road ahead. Sometimes, you’ve got to rebalance your investment mix and bring it back to the expected and appropriate risk level for you.