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Get the Best Mortgage with a Lock-in Rate

Lock-in a low mortgage rate before finalizing the loan.


Demystifying the Affordable Mortgage

Buying a home can be a daunting undertaking. Sure, there are many good online calculators out there to play with, but if you do the math yourself, it might just make a lot more sense.

Social Security: What You Need to Know for 2011

Like anything financial, it’s in your best interest to pay attention to social security so that you know what is happening and can sort fact from fiction.

If You Keep Only 1 Resolution Let It Be This

As quiet as it may be your emergency fund is not to be ignored. Like the sourdough starter snuggled in a warm place in my kitchen, you’ve got to check on it regularly, feed it and replenish it when you use it.

Hold on to Your Tax Dollars Longer

Your 2010 taxes are due on April 18th and it’s not because April 15th is a Friday.

How a Longer Mortgage Application Affects You

thanks to the inclusion a new disclosure regarding credit scores and mortgage rates. The good news is that this information will show potential buyers exactly how their credit score affects their mortgage rate.

How to Beat the Financial Holiday Hangover

Consumer spending data shows holiday spending in 2010 was up for the first time in three years. Whether your holiday shopping caused a whopping hangover or just a financial headache, there is a remedy for you. FIRST, bite the bullet and look at the damage. If you used a credit to pay for purchases figure […]

What Was Your Best Financial Moment of 2010?

The end of the year is naturally a time of reflection. The media are filled with highlights from the past year in case you’ve forgotten what happened. And, now I’d like you to take a look back at your financial year. How would you rate it overall? Did you make any smart money moves? If […]

What it Takes to be a Finanical Advisor

So often people have a hard time justifying the need for a financial advisor. After all, who knows your money better than you do? Well here is a glimpse of what it takes to be a financial advisor to put it all into perspective.

Mortgage Rates Hit 6 Month High

Last week marked a peak in mortgage rates nationwide that could have potential home buyers wondering if the days of record low rates are gone. This chart from BankRate.com shows the up, down trend since September ending with a peak last week that analysts predict could indicate the beginning of the end of low rates. In […]