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SmartMoney features Colorado Springs Resident’s Experience

“you can’t protect yourself from every disaster, but you can certainly do things to tilt the odds heavily in your favor.”–  BILL BISCHOFF This article in SmartMoney hits close to home. Bill Bischoff was evacuated from his Colorado Springs home, an event he never anticipated. Here he shares his learning experience and what he wished […]

Are You a Financial Role Model?

1) most people are not confident in their financial skills, 2) parents haven’t successfully taught these skills to their children. You can stop the cycle and improve your financial literacy grade.

Why a Preapproved Car Loan is More Important than Ever

The only way to get low rate auto loans is to visit the credit union for preapproval.

3 Little Ways to Buy Happiness

Sometimes money can buy you a little piece of happiness. Here a three pieces that may bring you greater feelings of happiness at less cost

Would Seeing Your Future Self Inspire You to Save?

by showing a person what they might look like when they are old, it will bring aging to reality and thus close the gap between now and the future. Researchers go on to hypothesize that when subjects are shown their future self they will then be more likely to save for their future.

Will Debit Card Rewards Programs Go Bye-Bye

In wake of the debit card Interchange reform bill, major credit card issuers are chopping expenses to make up for lost fee income. The easiest to chop–debit card rewards.

Big Banks Gouge ATM Users with $5 Fees

Why would anyone pay a fee to get their own money?

Should You Make Extra Mortgage Payments to Build Equity?

Would it make sense for me to begin paying extra to my monthly mortgage payments in order to build equity and walk away from a sale with more money?

A Risk-Based Approach to Choosing Your Mortgage

Using a risk-tolerance approach to home financing will help you understand the pros and cons of various mortgage programs and help you decide which is best for you.

Tapping Your IRA to Purchase a Home

You may want to take advantage of one of the Roth IRA withdrawal exceptions to purchase a first home.