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Tapping Your IRA to Purchase a Home

You may want to take advantage of one of the Roth IRA withdrawal exceptions to purchase a first home.


Get the Best Mortgage with a Lock-in Rate

Lock-in a low mortgage rate before finalizing the loan.

Demystifying the Affordable Mortgage

Buying a home can be a daunting undertaking. Sure, there are many good online calculators out there to play with, but if you do the math yourself, it might just make a lot more sense.

How a Longer Mortgage Application Affects You

thanks to the inclusion a new disclosure regarding credit scores and mortgage rates. The good news is that this information will show potential buyers exactly how their credit score affects their mortgage rate.

Mortgage Rates Hit 6 Month High

Last week marked a peak in mortgage rates nationwide that could have potential home buyers wondering if the days of record low rates are gone. This chart from BankRate.com shows the up, down trend since September ending with a peak last week that analysts predict could indicate the beginning of the end of low rates. In […]

How Not to Buy a House You’ll Hate

buying a house is a big deal, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Just follow a few simple guidelines, enlist the right helpers and you’re good.

Don’t Know Your PMI from your LTV? Here’s Help.

OMG! Getting a mortgage can be like studying for the GMATs. There’s so much to know! That is if you care about how your managing your money. If you don’t care whether or not you’ve selected a good lender who can recommend a mortgage product that meets your financial and lifestyle needs than forget it, but for […]