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Can You Use Your IRA to Start a Business?

If you’ve seriously thought about opening your own business, you know that the capital requirements can be huge. In fact, this is probably the biggest deterrent for hopeful entrepreneurs. This especially true if you’re looking into franchise opportunities. Often franchises will require $75,000 to $1,000,000 in liquid assets. That’s quite a chunk of change. If, […]

More on Catching Up: How much will you need to retire.

Hopefully you read the warning above, so you know what you are getting into. Now here we go… One of the top questions of people operating under the catch up factor of investing (those age 50 and better) is “How much money will I need?”  Well, you might as well be asking a Magic 8 […]

The #1 Investment Nearly Anyone Can Afford

If you get a paycheck then there is ONE investment you should not pass up. Anyone who earns income can open and contribute to an IRA. But, for some reason lots of people don’t. Four common excuses for not contributing to an IRA are: 1. You are young, 2. You don’t earn very much, 3. You […]

Investment Lessons from Jack and the Beanstalk

any investment carries risk–always has and always will.

Grad Gifts with a Future

So what do you give a high school graduate to mark this occasion? Financial gifts for graduates represent an investment in the future. And, if they’ve made it this far in their education, they are smart enough to realize the value in these gifts.

Financial Thinkers See Silver Lining in Disaster

No one is belittling the disastrous events that are taking place in Japan. However, big names in the financial world are spreading the word that from a finance perspective things are so bad, and they stress that they are better than they would be had these events occurred on a less fortunate economy. Here’s what […]

Tapping Your IRA to Purchase a Home

You may want to take advantage of one of the Roth IRA withdrawal exceptions to purchase a first home.

What it Takes to be a Finanical Advisor

So often people have a hard time justifying the need for a financial advisor. After all, who knows your money better than you do? Well here is a glimpse of what it takes to be a financial advisor to put it all into perspective.

Whose Crystal Ball Will You Believe?

When it comes to predicting the economy, it often seems that the bearer of the news will manipulate the data depending on how they want you to feel.

Value vs. Asset

People often confuse valuables with assets. Value is a subjective measure of worth. Assets have exchangeable worth that can be converted to cash.