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Charging for Rewards, or Rewards for Charging?

We keep running into references to the Frugal Travel Guy who uses loyalty rewards programs, such as credit card rewards to finance his worldly travels. While he shares some good ideas, make no mistake using rewards programs at the level he does is not without effort. Frugal Travel Guy spends a great deal of time […]

This Holiday Season Just Say “Credit”

Okay last week I told you how to avoid holiday credit trouble and now this week I’m telling you to use your credit card for holiday purchases.  What gives? Well this morning I was checking in with my zillions of news sources and one struck me. It was a story about how phishing scam incidents soar […]

6 Ways to Avoid Getting Scrooged by Credit Cards

It seems that the holidays are the season for which credit cards were made. You see, credit cards, unlike their cousin the debit card, may lend a little breathing space between when you buy something and when you receive the bill. If you are not careful though, they can become an unfortunate burden on your […]

Amex Pays Conan One Million $$

how Amex can afford such lavish spending. Is it right that a credit card company should blatantly spend over $1,000,000 for a single ad?

One Word for Graduates:Plastics

Hey college graduates, I’ve got one word for you. The government now says that if you are over 21 you can drink and carry a credit card. And now that you see these responsibilities side-by-side you can also see how they are similar. Use either privilege , or both, irresponsibly and you’ll be headed for […]

Don’t Ignore Your Rewards

Okay, I’m going to reveal my age, but when I was a kid my mother and everyone else’s collected S&H Green Stamps. I don’t remember too much about the program since it fizzled during the 1970s, but I do remember that my Mom was collecting them like crazy and my Dad thought this really was […]