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10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress on you and your Wallet.

1. Budget—It may sound cliché, but many people don’t set holiday spending budgets or only use budgets as rough spending guidelines. Staying with your budget is the best thing you can do to minimize stress. 2. Use Rewards—The holidays are a perfect time to cash in your credit card rewards to purchase gifts or travel. […]

Buy Local Holiday

Buy Local Week is wrapping up this Friday, but that doesn’t mean you should stop exploring all of the local shops, restaurants and entertainment. Wait a minute…you do know what Buy Local Week is, right? Easy question I know, since the name says it all, but give it some real thought… Hmmm…why not make it […]

Smarter Back to School Buying

Last school year, my daughter had an amazing teacher who got it. She got everything. At the end of the year, she sent each kid home with a zip lock bag full of their desk contents. My kiddo came home with: 3 unused glue sticks, 2 set of colored markers, 1 set of colored pencils, […]

3 Little Ways to Buy Happiness

Sometimes money can buy you a little piece of happiness. Here a three pieces that may bring you greater feelings of happiness at less cost

This Holiday Season Just Say “Credit”

Okay last week I told you how to avoid holiday credit trouble and now this week I’m telling you to use your credit card for holiday purchases.  What gives? Well this morning I was checking in with my zillions of news sources and one struck me. It was a story about how phishing scam incidents soar […]

6 Ways to Avoid Getting Scrooged by Credit Cards

It seems that the holidays are the season for which credit cards were made. You see, credit cards, unlike their cousin the debit card, may lend a little breathing space between when you buy something and when you receive the bill. If you are not careful though, they can become an unfortunate burden on your […]

My Favorite iPhone App for Saving Money

My iPhone dependency gets stronger with Apps that save me money.