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Where to Stash Your Emergency Cash

In the world of personal finance advice, there is a lot of harping on the importance of having an emergency fund, so hopefully you’ve been working on yours. Once you’ve got a decent amount of cash (wondering how much you should have? click here) spend some time considering where you’ll keep your funds. The obvious […]

The Secret to Managing Money for Couples

Money issues still rank among the top 10 reasons couples divorce, but finances are really no different than any other challenge you’ll face in marriage. And, like all other issues, the only way to overcome the problem is to bring it out in the open and discuss it. Even better, make a plan with your […]

Psychologists Answer the Question, “Can Money Buy Happiness?”

In an article published last year by the Journal of Consumer psychology, scientists revealed insights of a study regarding the relationship between money and happiness. Their general conclusion is: “If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right” -Elizabeth W. Dunn, Daniel T. Gilbert, Timothy D. Wilson* Often the first thought […]

Plan a Vacation and Make it Happen

Right about now many of us can get mighty itchy for a getaway. Spring break is coming for the kiddos. Colorado weather teases us with glimpses of spring than hits us with cold in the same week. As we dream of white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests or even a different mountain range, it’s easy for […]

Being Lazy is Key to Success

You can work hard at making money or you can make your money work for you. Why beat yourself up, just to get ahead? Instead, you can put your money on autopilot and free yourself up to learn more and do more to accomplish your goals. With just a few hours on the front side, […]

Free Tools Keep You From Totally Checking Out During Holidays

Whether you are going over through the woods to grandmother’s house, grabbing a tropical getaway, or just vegging at home with a nice eggnog, you can use the following tools to keep you from checking out on your finances. Online Banking–Coors Credit Union is open 24 hours a day, every day with online banking. Use […]

Being Patient Saves You Money

I’ve always suspected this to be true. It’s widely held that patience is a virtue and know there’s been a study to prove it. (There’s a study for everything.) Federal Reserve’s Research Center for Behavioral Economics and Decision Making in  Boston conducted a study entitled, “Time Discounting Predicts Creditworthiness.” The premise of the study was to […]

What’s Your Money Fear?

According to a recent survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies running out of money is the biggest fear among Americans. The survey reveals that American workers feel they are unprepared for retirement. They also believe that they do not have a sufficient  backup plan in the event they are forced into retirement earlier […]

How Do Your Personal Finances Matchup with the CPI?

Say what you might about the Consumer Price Index (CPI), this measurement is what the government uses to measure consumer spending and to make economic decisions. Basically, the CPI is a survey of prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. A CPI report looks like this: (note this chart […]

When an Emergency Zaps Your Savings

Things happen and when they do, an emergency savings can be a lifesaver.  But, when you’ve worked hard to build an emergency fund and draining it can be a real downer. You could even lose your savings momentum. Don’t despair, you can get it back. First Step: Set a Realistic Emergency Savings Goal Experts are […]