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Should You Put A Ring On It Before Buying A Home?

Is it any riskier for unmarried couples to buy a house together than married couples? Umm, maybe, maybe not. Laws governing property rights of unmarried partners can vary from state-to-state. However, in general the law isn’t as well-defined as it is for married couples. Real Estate lawyers admit that there are more complications for unmarried […]

Another Sign of Recovery?

When Fannie is happy, everybody’s happy. Fannie Mae reported $5.1 billion profits for the second quarter of 2012. That’s up quite a bit from the Q1 $2.7 billion reported profit. But let’s not be too fast to celebrate. Though the news is certainly good, it is questionable whether it really is a sign of recovery. […]

What Influences Mortgage Rates

The financial world is all-abuzz with how low mortgage rates are, but do you know what causes rates to be low? Is it: A. The supply of available homes vs. the number of buyers B. The Fed’s strategy C. Economic uncertainty in Europe D. Both A and B E. Both B and C Any of […]

How Often Can You Refinance?

The short answer to the question of How Often Can You Refinance Your Mortgage is that there are no limits on the number of times you can refinance. However, there are some built-in factors that can save you from overdoing it—just in case you’re worried that you might become addicted to refinancing (because it seems […]

When it makes sense to accelerate your mortgage payments

Accelerating mortgage payments is a way of paying down your mortgage faster and with less interest paid. Basically, you increase the amount you pay which sends more money toward the principle of the loan.  You’ve probably received offers for accelerated programs that sound interesting, but there’s more than one way to pay down a mortgage […]

A 6-Pack of Financial Services Created for You! What!?

That’s the refreshing take Coors Credit Union has on financial services.  You decide how you want to fill up your 6-pack. And you can do it all online. Visit online and choose from a sampling of our most popular services: Auto Loans Checking Credit Card Debit Card Direct Deposit eStatements Green Light Loans Home Equity […]

A Car Dealer We Like

Car dealerships don’t get much love. That’s because when you combine the significant financial commitment of buying a car with the reputation dealerships have for ripping off their customers the whole car-buying experience leaves a bad taste. But, it doesn’t need to be this way. You can get low rate auto loans for the car […]

Why a Preapproved Car Loan is More Important than Ever

The only way to get low rate auto loans is to visit the credit union for preapproval.

Should You Make Extra Mortgage Payments to Build Equity?

Would it make sense for me to begin paying extra to my monthly mortgage payments in order to build equity and walk away from a sale with more money?

A Risk-Based Approach to Choosing Your Mortgage

Using a risk-tolerance approach to home financing will help you understand the pros and cons of various mortgage programs and help you decide which is best for you.