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Protecting Yourself and Your Children from Divorce Related Identity Theft

A man in Pennsylvania used his ex-wife’s identity to purchase six cars within eight months. Crazy, right?! How in the world did he get away with it? Well, he didn’t exactly, he got two years in jail. Sadly, it’s a fact that identity theft is most often carried out by family members. It’s not that […]

Scams that Target Students

College students have always been like ripe fruit to marketers and scammers because they are often fresh from the cocoon of their parents watch and out on their own for the first time. This usually means they’re making decisions without Mom or Dad giving advice. Unfortunately, this can lead to some costly mistakes. Some common […]

Are You a Financial Role Model?

1) most people are not confident in their financial skills, 2) parents haven’t successfully taught these skills to their children. You can stop the cycle and improve your financial literacy grade.

A Remedy for “I’m Bored”

This summer don’t put your kids to work, put them to earning.
Even the youngest child can do jobs around the house. And even the youngest
child, should get paid for these jobs.

Grad Gifts with a Future

So what do you give a high school graduate to mark this occasion? Financial gifts for graduates represent an investment in the future. And, if they’ve made it this far in their education, they are smart enough to realize the value in these gifts.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance for Dorm Coverage

You’ve filled out the FAFSA, navigated financial aid and cleared registration. Then you plunked down many dollars for clothes, room items and other essentials. Next, come big bucks for books. You’ve put a lot of time and money into sending junior off to college. So, did you call the insurance agent yet?

Are We Rich? (How to answer kids’ money questions)

Managing money is all about choices. Once my son’s friend came to our house and after walking all said, “Where’s the rest of your house?”

One Word for Graduates:Plastics

Hey college graduates, I’ve got one word for you. The government now says that if you are over 21 you can drink and carry a credit card. And now that you see these responsibilities side-by-side you can also see how they are similar. Use either privilege , or both, irresponsibly and you’ll be headed for […]

This Card Teaches Useful Money Skills

When my kids were little they thought that money was a small rectangular piece of plastic. Actually they weren’t so wrong. Bills and coins don’t move our world as much as plastic. So like or not, this is and will continue to be the reality of how we must manage money. The biggest obstacle to […]