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Where to Stash Your Emergency Cash

In the world of personal finance advice, there is a lot of harping on the importance of having an emergency fund, so hopefully you’ve been working on yours. Once you’ve got a decent amount of cash (wondering how much you should have? click here) spend some time considering where you’ll keep your funds. The obvious […]

Being Lazy is Key to Success

You can work hard at making money or you can make your money work for you. Why beat yourself up, just to get ahead? Instead, you can put your money on autopilot and free yourself up to learn more and do more to accomplish your goals. With just a few hours on the front side, […]

If You Keep Only 1 Resolution Let It Be This

As quiet as it may be your emergency fund is not to be ignored. Like the sourdough starter snuggled in a warm place in my kitchen, you’ve got to check on it regularly, feed it and replenish it when you use it.

Cash in on Low Loan Rates by Refinancing Your Car Loan

Rates on car loans are currently as low as 2.99% APR. Last year at this time auto loan rates averaged around 6% APR for those with excellent credit. So, right away you can see that refinancing could save you money.

Value vs. Asset

People often confuse valuables with assets. Value is a subjective measure of worth. Assets have exchangeable worth that can be converted to cash.

When Your Income is Too High for Roth

there are ways to reduce your MAGI and qualify to put money in your Roth