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Protect Yourself from Apps that Steal

We all knew this would happen. Mobile data theft is on the rise and likely to become more common, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using Apps on your Smartphone. Just be smart about it. Most harmful Apps are downloaded from unofficial app stores or websites. To protect yourself from Apps that contain […]

Protecting Yourself and Your Children from Divorce Related Identity Theft

A man in Pennsylvania used his ex-wife’s identity to purchase six cars within eight months. Crazy, right?! How in the world did he get away with it? Well, he didn’t exactly, he got two years in jail. Sadly, it’s a fact that identity theft is most often carried out by family members. It’s not that […]

Scams that Target Students

College students have always been like ripe fruit to marketers and scammers because they are often fresh from the cocoon of their parents watch and out on their own for the first time. This usually means they’re making decisions without Mom or Dad giving advice. Unfortunately, this can lead to some costly mistakes. Some common […]

How Your Debit Card Got Compromised

You’re careful. You never give out personal information, unless absolutely necessary. You never click links in emails. You don’t even open emails that look suspicious. You don’t keep PINs or passwords in your wallet. You change your passwords every six months. You use online banking to monitor your account, but last week you noticed a […]

Keeping Passwords Safe

One day, like many others, I was driving around town running errands with NPR on the radio to entertain and inform me, when whoever was the interviewee of the moment said something so frighteningly wrong that it nabbed my attention. I wish I could remember what show it was or find a link on their […]

Cyber Hijackers Controlling Email

I knew something was strange when my knitting friend sent me an email that began “Hey Bro, Long-time no see…”  Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her call anyone “Bro”. Then the emails with the same slangy type of language kept coming from Debbie’s email address all day long. I didn’t open them but […]

“It’s easier to steal one $1 from one million people than $1 million from one person”

After a 9-month investigation a federal court has halted an elaborate international scheme that used identity theft to place more than $10 million in bogus charges on consumers’ credit and debit cards