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No Need to Go Back to School to do the Budget Math

The carefree days of summer are coming to an end and your brain is starting to kick back into gear. It’s time to think about getting organized and picking up on your financial goals. Oh, and not to put a damper on things but, you do realize that Christmas is only 137 days away and […]

SmartMoney features Colorado Springs Resident’s Experience

“you can’t protect yourself from every disaster, but you can certainly do things to tilt the odds heavily in your favor.”–  BILL BISCHOFF This article in SmartMoney hits close to home. Bill Bischoff was evacuated from his Colorado Springs home, an event he never anticipated. Here he shares his learning experience and what he wished […]

Free Tools Keep You From Totally Checking Out During Holidays

Whether you are going over through the woods to grandmother’s house, grabbing a tropical getaway, or just vegging at home with a nice eggnog, you can use the following tools to keep you from checking out on your finances. Online Banking–Coors Credit Union is open 24 hours a day, every day with online banking. Use […]