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Another Sign of Recovery?

When Fannie is happy, everybody’s happy. Fannie Mae reported $5.1 billion profits for the second quarter of 2012. That’s up quite a bit from the Q1 $2.7 billion reported profit. But let’s not be too fast to celebrate. Though the news is certainly good, it is questionable whether it really is a sign of recovery. […]

The Beige Book is out! You’re excited right?

What’s that you say…what’s the Beige Book? Why should you get excited about the dullest color on the planet?  It’s economics, baby! The stuff that affects you every day. The Beige Book is the hip name for the Federal Reserve’s Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions. It’s actually published eight times a year, just […]

What Influences Mortgage Rates

The financial world is all-abuzz with how low mortgage rates are, but do you know what causes rates to be low? Is it: A. The supply of available homes vs. the number of buyers B. The Fed’s strategy C. Economic uncertainty in Europe D. Both A and B E. Both B and C Any of […]

Buy Local Holiday

Buy Local Week is wrapping up this Friday, but that doesn’t mean you should stop exploring all of the local shops, restaurants and entertainment. Wait a minute…you do know what Buy Local Week is, right? Easy question I know, since the name says it all, but give it some real thought… Hmmm…why not make it […]

How Do Your Personal Finances Matchup with the CPI?

Say what you might about the Consumer Price Index (CPI), this measurement is what the government uses to measure consumer spending and to make economic decisions. Basically, the CPI is a survey of prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. A CPI report looks like this: (note this chart […]

Financial Thinkers See Silver Lining in Disaster

No one is belittling the disastrous events that are taking place in Japan. However, big names in the financial world are spreading the word that from a finance perspective things are so bad, and they stress that they are better than they would be had these events occurred on a less fortunate economy. Here’s what […]

Mortgage Rates Hit 6 Month High

Last week marked a peak in mortgage rates nationwide that could have potential home buyers wondering if the days of record low rates are gone. This chart from shows the up, down trend since September ending with a peak last week that analysts predict could indicate the beginning of the end of low rates. In […]

Whose Crystal Ball Will You Believe?

When it comes to predicting the economy, it often seems that the bearer of the news will manipulate the data depending on how they want you to feel.