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Same Story Different Day: Banks Fees on the Rise—AGAIN

Has this ever happened to you? I was in not-to-be-named small town Colorado and was in need of cash. There were two ATMs on the main drag, but sadly no credit union ATMs (which by the way is highly unusual—more on that later in this paragraph). I went to ATM one on the left side of […]

Avoid Overpriced ATM Fees

Ouch! Where is that “Dislike” button on the nasty sting of ATM fees.  It seems that ATMs keep charging more each year. To justify that $5 ATM charge you’d need to withdraw at least $100. Even then you are paying $0.05 per dollar, just to get your own money!  By some definitions that could be considered robbery. But, […]

A 6-Pack of Financial Services Created for You! What!?

That’s the refreshing take Coors Credit Union has on financial services.  You decide how you want to fill up your 6-pack. And you can do it all online. Visit online and choose from a sampling of our most popular services: Auto Loans Checking Credit Card Debit Card Direct Deposit eStatements Green Light Loans Home Equity […]

Apps Make Finding Free ATMs Easier

Coors Credit Union is a member of the largest credit union-only ATM Network in the country. The humongous CO-OP ATM boasts over 28,000 throughout the nation. These ATMs are surcharge-FREE to credit union MEMBERS.

Big Banks Gouge ATM Users with $5 Fees

Why would anyone pay a fee to get their own money?

Practice Safe Checking

FIs got a bit zealous when they started applying overdraft practices to ATM and debit card transactions. If an ATM gave them cash or a debit card purchase was approved, most people rightfully assumed that their accounts were fine and had plenty of money. Sadly this wasn’t so. And then came the fees.

This Card Teaches Useful Money Skills

When my kids were little they thought that money was a small rectangular piece of plastic. Actually they weren’t so wrong. Bills and coins don’t move our world as much as plastic. So like or not, this is and will continue to be the reality of how we must manage money. The biggest obstacle to […]