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Protect Yourself from Apps that Steal

We all knew this would happen. Mobile data theft is on the rise and likely to become more common, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using Apps on your Smartphone. Just be smart about it. Most harmful Apps are downloaded from unofficial app stores or websites. To protect yourself from Apps that contain […]

10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress on you and your Wallet.

1. Budget—It may sound cliché, but many people don’t set holiday spending budgets or only use budgets as rough spending guidelines. Staying with your budget is the best thing you can do to minimize stress. 2. Use Rewards—The holidays are a perfect time to cash in your credit card rewards to purchase gifts or travel. […]

The Secret to Managing Money for Couples

Money issues still rank among the top 10 reasons couples divorce, but finances are really no different than any other challenge you’ll face in marriage. And, like all other issues, the only way to overcome the problem is to bring it out in the open and discuss it. Even better, make a plan with your […]

Same Story Different Day: Banks Fees on the Rise—AGAIN

Has this ever happened to you? I was in not-to-be-named small town Colorado and was in need of cash. There were two ATMs on the main drag, but sadly no credit union ATMs (which by the way is highly unusual—more on that later in this paragraph). I went to ATM one on the left side of […]

Another Sign of Recovery?

When Fannie is happy, everybody’s happy. Fannie Mae reported $5.1 billion profits for the second quarter of 2012. That’s up quite a bit from the Q1 $2.7 billion reported profit. But let’s not be too fast to celebrate. Though the news is certainly good, it is questionable whether it really is a sign of recovery. […]

No Need to Go Back to School to do the Budget Math

The carefree days of summer are coming to an end and your brain is starting to kick back into gear. It’s time to think about getting organized and picking up on your financial goals. Oh, and not to put a damper on things but, you do realize that Christmas is only 137 days away and […]

How Your Debit Card Got Compromised

You’re careful. You never give out personal information, unless absolutely necessary. You never click links in emails. You don’t even open emails that look suspicious. You don’t keep PINs or passwords in your wallet. You change your passwords every six months. You use online banking to monitor your account, but last week you noticed a […]

Paying by Phone Catching On, but is it Safe?

Almost twenty years ago, I saw Bill Gates speak about the future of technology. Among the dozens of predictions he made was one that sparked much controversy. Gates said that one day we would no longer carry cash and that we would use our phones to pay for everyday items, like coffee.  In 1994, this […]

The Beige Book is out! You’re excited right?

What’s that you say…what’s the Beige Book? Why should you get excited about the dullest color on the planet?  It’s economics, baby! The stuff that affects you every day. The Beige Book is the hip name for the Federal Reserve’s Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions. It’s actually published eight times a year, just […]