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Should You Put A Ring On It Before Buying A Home?

Is it any riskier for unmarried couples to buy a house together than married couples? Umm, maybe, maybe not. Laws governing property rights of unmarried partners can vary from state-to-state. However, in general the law isn’t as well-defined as it is for married couples. Real Estate lawyers admit that there are more complications for unmarried […]

Protecting Yourself and Your Children from Divorce Related Identity Theft

A man in Pennsylvania used his ex-wife’s identity to purchase six cars within eight months. Crazy, right?! How in the world did he get away with it? Well, he didn’t exactly, he got two years in jail. Sadly, it’s a fact that identity theft is most often carried out by family members. It’s not that […]

Where to Stash Your Emergency Cash

In the world of personal finance advice, there is a lot of harping on the importance of having an emergency fund, so hopefully you’ve been working on yours. Once you’ve got a decent amount of cash (wondering how much you should have? click here) spend some time considering where you’ll keep your funds. The obvious […]

Scams that Target Students

College students have always been like ripe fruit to marketers and scammers because they are often fresh from the cocoon of their parents watch and out on their own for the first time. This usually means they’re making decisions without Mom or Dad giving advice. Unfortunately, this can lead to some costly mistakes. Some common […]

Your Emergency Fund is Like Insurance

Most of think of insurance as a necessary evil. You must have auto insurance. We all know that one health problem without insurance can cause financial ruin. Life insurance provides some peace of mind in case something should happen to a family’s primary income earner. But, many Americans (nearly 50%) have a different attitude when it comes to squirreling away rainy day money, a.k.a. an emergency fund.

Typically, your monthly budget is distributed among expenses such as mortgage, car payment, food, utilities, etc. Insurance policies also take up a few line items. You should treat your emergency fund the same way. Don’t let it sit way back on the shelf where it is likely to grow mold or turn sour, because then, when you need it you’ll find that it’s useless.

Investment Lessons from Jack and the Beanstalk

any investment carries risk–always has and always will.

Are You a Financial Role Model?

1) most people are not confident in their financial skills, 2) parents haven’t successfully taught these skills to their children. You can stop the cycle and improve your financial literacy grade.

A Remedy for “I’m Bored”

This summer don’t put your kids to work, put them to earning.
Even the youngest child can do jobs around the house. And even the youngest
child, should get paid for these jobs.

Why a Preapproved Car Loan is More Important than Ever

The only way to get low rate auto loans is to visit the credit union for preapproval.

Grad Gifts with a Future

So what do you give a high school graduate to mark this occasion? Financial gifts for graduates represent an investment in the future. And, if they’ve made it this far in their education, they are smart enough to realize the value in these gifts.