Celeste Murphy

I’m a freelance writer mostly covering personal finance topics. For over 6 years I worked as marketing communications manager for a large credit union. I sort of fell into that job, but not really. One day working in another marketing  job I was feeling under valued, or too big for my cubicle and decided to look for a new challenge. This was so long ago that I actually hunted through the want ads in the local paper. I found a posting for said credit union and gave it a shot–a long shot. To cut to the chase I got the job. My friends and family were a gasp. I was never what they would think of as banker material. I dress kinda funky and never carry cash. These things are still true today. My reply to my friends was, “Hey, I could stand to get a little financial education.” This was an understatement.

The truth that my family knew, but my friends did not is that my financial life was a train wreck. My husband and I were deeply in debt and though we both worked decent paying full-time jobs there were times that we chose not to eat so that our two small children could. My job at the credit union quite literally changed my life. I was too embarrassed to let my coworkers know what a shambles my finances were in, but through my job I learned so much.

Learning how to manage personal finances saved me from the outrageous fees that had been inflicted by the bank on my past and my own bad habits. It got me out of credit card debt. Showed me how to save and save more. And basically got my head out of the sand of debt.

Eventually, I left the one credit union to pursue my dream career as a freelance writer through which I hope to help more people gain control of their personal finance demons. Moving forward I want to help credit unions tell the public how awesome they are–really they are awesome in every sense of the word.


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