Protect Yourself from Apps that Steal

We all knew this would happen. Mobile data theft is on the rise and likely to become more common, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using Apps on your Smartphone. Just be smart about it.

Most harmful Apps are downloaded from unofficial app stores or websites. To protect yourself from Apps that contain Malware or Trojan viruses stick with official app stores like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. If you stay on the official app channels you’ll have a better chance of avoiding exposure.

Before downloading an App, see if there are any user reviews on the app and if any of them experienced problems with the app. If all of them picture the app to be perfect, they could be fake reviews, put up by the developers. You can go further and do a Google search on the App developer to see if they are reputable.

Don’t grant permission freely to Apps. Malicious developers and counting on you to click “OK” to permissions for push/pull data or Facebook access. Doing so will help them sneak apps on to your devices before you know it. Before you click, take the time to at least look at exactly what permissions the App is asking for. But, an app that does that only rotates your wallpaper doesn’t need access to your Facebook account or your contact book.

Antivirus software for mobile devices is available through reliable companies like Webroot and MacAfee. Staying ahead of malicious software is always difficult, however, a little time spent taking precautions can save you from a great deal of hassle.


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