Our Quest is to Save you $1Million. We Accept the Challenge!

Saving money isn’t anything new. Coors Credit Union has been saving members money since our beginning in 1954.  Probably we’ve helped members collectively save millions over the years, but this year we’re keeping track.

On Monday, May 7th we started tracking how much Coors Credit Union saves its members. And we’re not going to stop tracking the savings until our members reach $1 million!

What money qualifies as savings?  Well…

When you bring us that checking account with debit card from that other financial institution that charges you fees for said debit card—we’ll count how much you save by switching. Let us save you money on that auto loan or home loan you have elsewhere. Or bring your higher rate credit card balances to us and we’ll show you just how much we can save you in monthly payments.

And don’t forget, pretty much anyone in Colorado and within your family (whether they live in Colorado or not) can belong to Coors Credit Union – so refer them to us and they too can join in on the savings!

We’re Aiming for the Top!


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