Plan a Vacation and Make it Happen

Right about now many of us can get mighty itchy for a getaway. Spring break is coming for the kiddos. Colorado weather teases us with glimpses of spring than hits us with cold in the same week. As we dream of white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests or even a different mountain range, it’s easy for those getaways to slip away like faded dreams when the realities of money and responsibilities take over. To make your vacation happen, you need a plan.

First, know what you want

Take the pragmatic approach and make a list of what you need from a getaway. White sandy beaches may sound lovely, but not if you don’t particularly like hanging on the beach all day. To determine where to go make a list of your expectations and also list what you don’t want. This is especially helpful when travelling with others.

Set a Budget

Oh yeah, there is that “B” word again, but setting your spending limits before you book your trip will help narrow down where you’ll go and get you started with bargain hunting. Hint: Unless you plan to spend most of your time in a hotel, think about finding a hotel that is clean, comfortable and affordable, but maybe not too luxurious.

Don’t forget to include in your budget funds for getting to and from the airport, rental car taxes and fees, and tips.

Shop Around

Visit several sights to shop for your airfare, hotel and rental car, then compare. Popular sights are Kayak and Travelocity, but there are others too. Skyscanner, is good if you are flexible on your travel, check out their “cheap flights map”.  Like and Follow travel sites on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes flash sales are only announced on social media pages.

If you like to bid for your vacation there are options beyond Priceline and Hotwire. Take a look at The Bidding Traveler and Better Bidding.

Also consider privately owned properties. Vacation Rentals By Owner and Corporate Housing by Owner offer some luxurious options.

The Biggest Tips

To really save money, you need to be flexible. To really make your vacation happen, you need to start planning now. Otherwise you are just dreaming.


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