Buy Local Holiday

Buy Local Week is wrapping up this Friday, but that doesn’t mean you should stop exploring all of the local shops, restaurants and entertainment. Wait a minute…you do know what Buy Local Week is, right? Easy question I know, since the name says it all, but give it some real thought…

Hmmm…why not make it a Buy Local Holiday!  Supporting the local economy in Colorado is easy because there are so many wonderful local resources. Colorado is a haven for amazing food, the mountains, and people of many talents. You don’t even have to leave your own area to discover terrific local holiday shopping and entertainment. But, you know that right? That’s why we live here. Still, sometimes we can go so caught up in our rushing around and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we forget to take time and enjoy what surrounds us every day.

Have you walked downtown Golden lately? It’s exploding with new restaurants and great gift ideas.  Oh, and there is a terrific credit union on Washington Street (wink).

Old Town Arvada is another fun place to check out during the holidays or anytime. You’ll find delicious food and shopping to inspire you.

Listen to what Governor Hickenlooper says about how supporting local businesses is good everyone.


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