We Give Thanks

Posting about Thanksgiving almost feels brainless. Everybody does it. This year, however, I’ve seemed to find more meaning in Thanksgiving than years past. We all know that it’s not about the turkey or whatever you choose to eat. It is about appreciating the good in your life, because celebrating what is right is the best way to diminish what is wrong. That’s how we choose happiness.

This Thanksgiving I know that I can speak for the staff at Coors® Credit Union when I say that we are so thankful for our members. We appreciate that they recognize the value of the credit union style of financial services. Our membership has grown this year because more people have become aware of the value in our financial cooperative. It may have taken the misguided practices of corporate banks to highlight the virtues of credit unions, but in the end, more people began to understand the importance of their banking choices. We are glad that Coors® Credit Union is here to offer honest financial services to the people of Jefferson County.

Credit unions were established under the philosophy of people helping people. This is still our daily guiding principle. We are thankful to have employees who understand this principle. Every day when we come to work, we know that our intentions are to help other people who are just like us. There is no more rewarding job than one that helps others.

So, this Thanksgiving we choose to be happy as we see how credit unions have gained positive attention. We know that we work hard every day to help members manage their money is ways that benefit them. We are thankful that more and more people recognize the value of Coors® Credit Union. And, we appreciate that each of our members participate in our financial cooperative to help each other reach in their daily lives.

May You Enjoy this Happy Thanksgiving!


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