Be a Real Friend, Help Someone Dump Their Bank

Well, the big banks, even Bank of America, are backing down from their $5 debit card fees. However friends, don’t be fooled into thinking that Bank Transfer Day (this Saturday, Nov 5) with its shout out for credit unions and community banks coupled with a backlash of bad press will stop the big banks from dipping into their customers pockets. For sure, the next time they implement a new fee, which they will, it won’t be quite so obvious.

The best lesson a credit union member can take away is this: Friends Don’t Let Friends (or Family) Bank at Commercial Banks

So why are so many people still with the big banks? It’s fear. (Which is usually the reason behind everything, right?)

It’s not scary or hard to switch financial institutions, but it does take more than one day, especially a Saturday.

We make switching easy.

Here’s how…

If you, your friend, or family members are ready to break up with the big bank and become a Coors Credit Union member simply click here to print and fill out all the information you’ll need to become a member and/or transfer your accounts over from another financial institution. It’s really that simple!

One important tip…

Whenever you change financial institutions, whether because you are breaking the relationship or moving (btw: you never need to close your credit union account just because you are moving), DO NOT immediately withdraw all funds from your account. Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your old account long enough for outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. Once all outstanding transactions have posted, then you can close the old account completely. Be patient because this can take some time.

Who can open an account at Coors Credit Union?

Pretty much anyone in Jefferson County and beyond can belong to Coors Credit Union

Plus, when you become a member, your family is also eligible to join! Even if you change jobs or retire, we’ll continue providing you with the quality member service you’ve come to enjoy at Coors Credit Union.


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