Bank Transfer Day: A Sign of the Times

What is Bank Transfer Day?

First let’s clarify what it’s not:

  •  it’s not part of the Occupy movement that has hit so many cities (including Denver) across the country
  • and, it’s not an official holiday or Hallmark card giving day (though that’s not a bad idea).

Bank Transfer Day is:

  • A clear sign that consumers are ready to take control of their personal economies.
  • The event was created by private citizen and small business owner, Kristen Christian.

On October 9th, Christian created the Facebook page Bank Transfer Day with the Bank Transfer Day event posted to occur on November 5, 2011. This day was chosen because it is also Guy Fawkes Day. For many people, Guy Fawkes is a symbol against the oppression of citizens.

More about the woman behind Bank Transfer Day…

Kristen Christian is mostly an ordinary person. She has no affiliations to Anonymous or Occupy Wall Street. She is small business owner in Los Angeles.

She is also a recent proud member of Coast Hills Credit Union (based in Lompoc, CA) and Los Angeles Federal Credit Union. She’s not a credit union employee. She’s received no public or private donations for her efforts or costs associated with this movement. Every bit of work on Bank Transfer Day is a testament to her love for her community and neighbors. She genuinely believes we can pull ourselves out of this economic mess the big banks caused by investing in local not-for-profit credit unions.

And her timing couldn’t have been better as thousands of big bank customers are tired of big bank fees and behavior.

At the time this post was written the Bank Transfer Day event has over 43,000 support clicks, 8,000 actual signons and 250,000 waiting or requesting to sign up on Facebook. And that’s just in little more than one week since the page’s creation.

Christian, said she created the page out of her frustration at Bank of America’s new$5 monthly debit fee and because she believes in credit unions “because of what they do and what they represent.”

Whether you are already a credit union member and credit union supporter or are considering attending Bank Transfer Day, we hope you’ll help spread the word.

Read more about Kristen Christian and Bank Transfer Day at:

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And remember to visit the Bank Transfer Day Facebook Page to learn more.


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