What is Mobile Banking? And, How is it Different from Online Banking?

If you’ve got a smart phone with internet access then you know the difference between a website that is configured for mobile viewing and one that isn’t.

the standard site is frustrating to view on a mobile device

It’s the same for mobile banking.

You might be able to login to your online banking account, but the format is difficult to navigate. But, mobile banking is more than just a pretty interface. Coors® Credit Union mobile banking is all about convenience and wraps a number of services into one powerful, easy to use, FREE, app.

Here’s what you can do with Coors® Credit Union mobile banking services:

  • Check your balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay your bills
  • Locate ATMs
  • Find branch locations
  • View statements
  • View checks

It’s in your pocket.

The creation of online banking was truly amazing. It freed us all from the confines of banker’s hours and took away our excuses of not being able to access our balance or manage transactions. But, mobile banking…takes banking on your own time to a whole new place; you carry it with you everywhere.

There really are times when you are headed to the mountains and you realize that you forgot to transfer money to your checking
account. But it’s okay, because you can make that transaction via your smartphone while you’ve still got service.

And, when you’ve got some downtime waiting for your latte to come up, you can check your account balance in seconds. Knowing your balance and frequently checking your account is good for you for two reasons: 1) you’ll know the state of your finances and manage your
money better, 2) you’ll catch errors or fraud quicker.

You’ll also save money.

The Coors® Credit Union mobile banking app helps you locate the closest non-surcharging ATMs; this can save you many dollars in ATM fees.

It’s Safe & Secure

Initially, the idea of banking through your phone might seem strange and even a bit insecure. But, mobile banking is just as safe as online banking.

“The developers of our Online and Mobile banking services have employed the same multi-faceted security technology for the Coors Credit Union mobile banking app that are used with our online banking system,” says Brian Resch, President/CEO of Coors Credit
Union, “all information transmitted between servers and the mobile device is encrypted at the highest level.”

And why wouldn’t it be? The last thing any financial institution wants is to mess with the security of their systems. Coors® Credit Union is always working to ensure that your money is safe.

It’s so darn easy.

Download the Coors Credit Union app is seconds and you are on your way to smooth mobile banking. All you need is online banking account access and an internet enabled device such as an iPod, iTouch or Android.

Happy Mobile Banking 🙂


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