3 Little Ways to Buy Happiness

Sometimes money can buy you a little piece of happiness. Here a three pieces that may bring you greater feelings of happiness.

#1–New Underwear

Psychologists say that humans easily adapt to changes in their surroundings, which in the case of spending might be a new flatscreen¬†TV or new underwear. But, the thing is (and this is also what those psychologists said) you will walk by or watch that huge TV and while you may like it, it won’t change your level of happiness. It is simply there. You might think “nice picture” but after a while¬†even that will affect you less. However, new underwear is something that gives you a new experience every time you reach in the drawer and put it on. Once the novelty of your underwear is finished, go buy some new underwear. It’s cheaper than a new TV.

#2–Be Thankful for the Expenditure

This theory is based on your feelings toward the expenditure. If you feel guilty, ripped-off, or angry about the price you pay for something, you’ll associate the purchase with unhappiness. But if you feel like you got a good deal, or the purchase was worthwhile, or you just plain love the thing, you won’t feel bad about spending the money. So smile and think happy thoughts when you fork over $400 for new tires.

#3 Buy Experiences (and take tons of pictures)

The pleasure of the things you buy will eventually fade, but the memories of that amazing trip to Italy will bring you happiness every time you think about them. Studies have shown that people receive more happiness from the things they’ve done than the things they own.


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