My Favorite iPhone App for Saving Money

Guess what? I’m a girl, actually a full-grown woman, that hates shopping. But as much as I hate shopping, I love getting a great deal. In fact, I almost never pay full price for anything. On the rare occasion that I am clothes shopping, I head straight for the sale rack. However, because I hate shopping I can’t stand the discount stores that make me work at sorting through their disorganized racks. I shop online as much as possible, but never for clothes.

Because shopping is such torture for me, I have to share one of my favorite recent purchases. It’s one of the best $0.99 purchases I’ve ever made.  It’s a barcode App for my iPhone.  This App saves me money and time, but even better it eliminates my frantic “Did I get the best price” syndrome.

The App works a lot like those price checker stations in stores like Target and Walmart. Using the camera feature of your iPhone or iTouch, you bring the barcode into view and the App focuses and scans it. Then in moments it will tell you where to find the best price either in physical stores or online. You can even make your online purchase immediately.  Voila! No buyer’s remorse for paying too much ever again.

There are a few vendors of this type of App. I like the Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner because unlike some others it shows a Google map of nearby locations that also sell the item you’ve scanned and it gives you Internet buying options as well.

I first stumbled upon the barcode scanner Apps while reading a magazine ad. In the left hand corner was a crazy looking square barcode and a statement that said something like, “scan the code for your coupon”.  I expect we’ll start seeing more coupons presented this way. And I’m sure it will come in handy for holiday shopping.


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    Thanks for writing about ShopSavvy! We love happy users.

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