No Credit…No Cosigner…My Ride 2 Go

What’s a young adult with no credit score and a need for a car to do? 

Used to be you had to beg someone to be a cosigner on a car loan. That smacks of a whole lot of dependency just when you are usually trying to become independent. A new credit union program called My Ride 2 Go, gives the power back to the driver–even those with no credit. My Ride 2 Go is designed for young adults who are working on gaining their financial independence and earning their grown-up credit score.

But that’s not all…another amazing aspect of My Ride 2 Go is that the entire loan process is super fast and online. If you’ve got a job and a social security number you could get approved in minutes, online.  You can even use the credit union auto service to find a car that suits you. 

This isn’t a “bad credit” program. It’s designed to help first time car buyers get a good loan on their own, without the help of a cosigner.  It’s also part of an entire line of credit union services known as My Bank 2 Go, which are designed to help young adults get a good start to healthy financial independence.

My Bank 2 Go also makes banking fun by sponsoring game tournaments where partipants get a chance to win money. This represents an entirely new way of looking at banking—taking it from stuffy and boring to fun. And isn’t that what money was created for? To make life more fun.


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