Don’t Know Your PMI from your LTV? Here’s Help.

OMG! Getting a mortgage can be like studying for the GMATs. There’s so much to know! That is if you care about how your managing your money. If you don’t care whether or not you’ve selected a good lender who can recommend a mortgage product that meets your financial and lifestyle needs than forget it, but for most people knowledge is power. But attaining knowledge about mortgages can be intimidating–NO MORE!

Most financial institutions, credit unions included, are happy to point you to nice websites, like, where you can learn a lot about mortgages. But, Coors Credit Union doesn’t do that.  Instead, they hand it all to you.  Really, I’ve never seen anything like this. There is a complete glossary of all the financial terms you need to know. (The dumbnut in me loves this so much!)

Then they’ve got caculators that let you play with the numbers and guestimate the future. They answer all of your questions like “What happens at the loan closing?” and more stuff that just makes the process more comfortable. They explain everything about loan programs, rates and fees. And I know that lots of other places say this, but then you go to do it and it’s really just some lame form….You can actually apply online…really. And you can go back later and check the status of your loan application–online.

All of this awesomeness is right there on the Coors Credit Union website under the tab called Home Loans. Even if you are just fishing for information about mortgages, the processes, current rates or want to see what the super nice Home Loan Consultants at Coors Credit Union look like CHECK IT OUT.


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