Win $$Money Playing Video Games

 What’s the connection between Coors Credit Union and video games?  MONEY     

Yeah, we all like money.      

Coors Credit Union and other area credit unions along with GameStop want to give away some money. Oh, it’s not like they’ve got so much that they just want to give it away. No, you’ll have to earn it, by showing your awesomeness at video games.      

It’s a tournament for Gamers. 1st place takes $500!,  2nd Place = $250, and 3rd walks with $100. You don’t have to be a credit union member, that won’t score you any extra points. So anyone can play  as long as you are 18 years or older.  You can register before the event at MyBank2GO.      

When: Saturday, June 5th
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Where:  The Alley @ Regency Student Housing, 3900 Elati Street, Denver     

It’s all part of the new MyBank2Go program which is mostly about fun and MONEY because you can’t have too much of either one. Right?  





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    Ahh that is pretty sweeet. Thanks for sharing. awesome to look at a cool site about this stuff again and find out whats going on in the industry.


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