Don’t Ignore Your Rewards

Okay, I’m going to reveal my age, but when I was a kid my mother and everyone else’s collected S&H Green Stamps. I don’t remember too much about the program since it fizzled during the 1970s, but I do remember that my Mom was collecting them like crazy and my Dad thought this really was crazy. Many stores and gas stations used Green Stamps to entice shoppers. If you bought this week’s special you got some Green Stamps. You saved your Stamps in little books and then exchanged for all sorts of things at the Green Stamps store on through the catalogue. But, I can only remember going to the store once. As the program faded these stamps were still everywhere, my Mom lost interest and let us play with them. It’s interesting that the recession of the 70’s caused S&H Green Stamps to lose popularity. Isn’t that the time when everyone seeks a bonus?

What about your rewards? Have you let them slide during the last couple of years? Did you forget about them? Has your credit card company changed or dropped the program?

A Coors® Credit Union Platinum Visa Card still comes with ScoreCard® Rewards. If you compare the ScoreCard program with some others you’ll find that it’s one of the best.

ScoreCard points are earned 1-for-1. Every dollar you spend earns you one point. Points never expire, that alone is amazing. You can use points to purchase merchandise, travel packages, or my favorite airline tickets.  Why I like the airline ticket option is because there are no blackout dates and 25,000 points gets you a ticket for the continental US. And you don’t have to book a Saturday stay. Airlines have been tightening up their frequent flyer miles programs, but not ScoreCard, it’s still a great program.

Oh, and even better, no little stamps to deal with.  So, don’t forget about those points you’ve been collecting.


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