Thanks to Our Young Members!

Money is like history. Both are vital to our understanding of the world and our survival. Both are exciting and complex. But when it comes to learning about history or learning about finances, it’s the stuff that inspires drooling on the desk.

Credit unions everywhere are constantly trying to find cool and hip ways to reach young people, and most of the time just end up looking dorky. Teens are a tough crowd. So we decided to go to the source and ask them what they want. The result was a focus group that consisted of 75 teens. That’s a lot of kids who gave up their precious time to talk with a credit union.

While I can’t say that the results of this focus group will make Coors Credit Union cooler, we learned a lot. And I wanted to take this blog space to thank all the kids for participating, because we need your help in helping you. We really do, well all credit unions do.

Coors Credit Union will be launching a new newsletter for teens in 2010. We’ll stumble a bit a long the way, but we’ll try to get it right without trying to hard to be cool.


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