Brighten a Soldier’s Holiday

After last Christmas my friend Kim was beaming. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me about her holiday. She’d received a gift that we all hope to receive. Kim and her family adopted a soldier through Soldiers’ Angels. Their recipient was a disabled single father of five. Like so many of our veteran’s this courageous dad was unemployed and struggling to support his family. Kim and her family spent time together during the days before Christmas shopping for gifts for the family. Then on Christmas day they received the call that was their greatest gift; squeals of delight and surprise.

Kim’s story is like the heartwarming holidays that we read about or watch in movies. But the story doesn’t stop there. All of us can support our troops overseas and back at home during the holidays and all year long.

Soldiers’ Angels has a long list of projects that need your help. Currently there are 1,974 heroes waiting for help. Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet support military service personnel by finding homes for their pets while they are deployed. The organization is in constant need of foster homes that can take in a pet for an extended period. Pets are then returned to their owners when they come home.

I’m spreading Kim’s story because it’s so easy for us to say that we support our troops, but these organizations give us ways that we can show that support beyond sporting a bumper sticker. No matter what your opinions about the War, let’s not forget the people who risk their lives and their families’ well-being

Of course there are many organizations that can use your help this holiday season and all year long. Don’t underestimate how even a small effort has an enormous impact on someone else.


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