Before Deciding on College Look at the State of the State

You’ve got the top party schools, the Ivy Leaguers, best schools for sports, academics, etc. But if you or someone you know is thinking about college anytime soon there is another measurement to consider—state funding.

This year 47 states are looking to trim budgets and narrow spending gaps. We’ve been hearing a lot about California’s problems, mostly because that state’s budget numbers are so high. But 12 other states are facing proportionally equal problems. Some state budget gaps, like Arizona and Nevada, are even higher than California.

Nothing escapes the microscope when it comes to possible cuts. In the east University of Virginia is shutting down its public computer labs. Maryland’s community colleges are turning away students by the thousands. George Mason and Virginia Tech. are increasing class sizes. Crowded classrooms and fewer staff is how many public colleges around the country are trying to cope. Virginia and Maryland have also announced reductions in state funded student financial aid.

As Colorado tried to trim $300 million from the budget many feared that educations would take a hit. Colorado’s fiscal year begins in July and for the coming year funding to colleges escaped the budget knife.

If your plans include colleges outside of Colorado be sure to look beyond nice campuses and programs. If the state budget is suffering you could be paying much, much more to sit in stadium seating classrooms.


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