Nothing Like a Party to Get Things Done

When you own a home there seems to be no end to the projects that need to be done, and usually you’ve got at least one or two big ones. The ones that you plan to do, but never seem to get to. You could hire someone to do it, but the cost just isn’t in the budget. Instead of looking at your project with dread, take a different approach—throw a party.

My parents used to do this all the time. They had painting parties that started in afternoon. Once the painting was done the party continued long after I was sent to bed. They also had landscaping parties at which trees were cut down and stumps removed and plenty of sandwiches and potato salad were consumed.

Project parties are not just productive, their fun. At the end of the day everyone can feel a sense of accomplishment in seeing the job complete and in helping a friend. Of course you’ll need to provide tools, materials, food and lots of beverages.

To make your project party successful:

Talk about it first. Tell a few friends that you are thinking of asking them to help with a project. Get a feel for their enthusiasm.

Schedule the project. Spontaneity is the easiest way for people to duck out of a project. Give them warning and schedule a weekend to get things done. Don’t forget to include boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses even if they just come to serve food and provide support. And don’t avoid game day. Keep a TV or radio close by so sports fans don’t have to miss the game.

Be prepared. Before the party, make sure you’ve scoped the project thoroughly. Have all tools and materials ready ahead. Don’t forget to make a food plan as well. Plan for large amounts of food and a variety of beverages—people get very hungry and thirsty when they’re working hard.

Be thankful. You don’t have to send formal thank you notes. Just be sure to graciously thank your friends. And next time they need a project done step up and offer help.

photo by “Cowboy” Ben Alman


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