Free Mocha! No, Thank You?

I’ve been thinking of trying McDonald’s new coffee drinks all summer. Why not? But I never go to McDonald’s not because I’m too good for them. I’m a gluten-free vegetarian, there is no reason for me to go there. Not only that but there isn’t one that’s convenient to my travel patterns around town. So I haven’t gone.

Then I saw this on the Consumerist.

Mocha Mondays At McDonald’s Until August 3
By Meg Marco, 3:14 PM on Mon Jul 27 2009, 2,909 views
On Mondays through August 3, between 7am and 7pm get a free sample (7 oz. cold or 8 oz hot) of the McCafe Mocha — an espresso with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream with a chocolate drizzle.
Our own Phil Villarreal, expert in getting things for free, offers his review:
Even more tasty than McDonald’s other free drink, Cup of Icewater. Boring coffee-like substance on top of a fantabulous gloop of chocolate blob at the bottom, with two dime-thin slices of ice buried within.

Somewhere in the back of my small brain I remember hearing about Mocha Mondays. Now next Monday is my last chance to try it for free. But after the above review I don’t think I’ll bother. I don’t even like mocha anyway?? What was I thinking? …Free and Cheap?

If you’ve tried these are they really as bad as the Consumerist says? Or what about the latte, or iced coffee?

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