Gold Parties (Cheap Fun Week)

Having fun doesn’t have to ruin your finances. This week we’re exploring the offbeat, new and old means of entertainment. And if these don’t do it for you, well you can just take a hike–for free!

I really hate it when some “friend” invites me to their house to learn about some fabulous ____________ (fill in the blank: cookware, jewelry, makeup, etc.) I always feel obligated to buy and come out feeling like a sucker. Oh, and usually I only hear from that “friend” when it’s time for another “party”.

But now the old Tupperware style marketing party has changed. Now my “friends” are having parties that promise to pay me rather than the other way around. Cash 4 Gold parties are becoming the new thing.

But here’s a warning these parties are not the same as the Cash 4 Gold ads you’ve seen on TV, even though they usually go by the same name. The TV version of Cash 4 Gold has been noted as a scam by many people. This is just one post of many that I’ve read concerning that company.

It works like pretty much like that tacky commercial. You bring your old gold. No matter what the condition you’ll get cash. As long as it really gold. Like the Tupperware parties the host gets a cut of the booty. Usually they’ll invite some gold expert to analyze the pieces and write checks. The gold expert then takes your gold home, melts it into a brick and cashes it in. Add some food and drink to the mix and everybody goes home happy.

With the price of gold holding strong these parties are becoming quite popular. I’ve been invited to three of them in the past month, but since I don’t have much old gold hanging around I’ve yet to attend. Until now, curiosity has got me and I’ll be attending my neighbor’s Cash 4 Gold party this Sunday.

Check out this article/video by ABC news that gives you a taste of the Gold Party experience. If you are interested in hosting your own gold party here’s a step-by-step guide.


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