I’m Not Lazy…

Okay you might think I’m taking the easy way out of creating a topic for today, but not so. I want to give some credit to our commentors. Comments are often easy for other readers to miss. Our readers have given some great insight to my random topics.

Although I tried to draw your attention to Kevin’s comment from yesterday with bold red text (I would have made it flashing with arrows and sound if I knew how) you might have missed his insight to upromise.

I appreciate that Kevin experienced the same nothingness from upromise that I did, but he had the tenacity to give it another try. Thanks Kevin, I’m inspired to spend a more time digging into my upromise account.

An anonymous commenter answered my question of “why check 2 bags?” This reader is a tournament bowler. Duh! Of course a second bag is necessary. Why didn’t I think of all the bowling balls, golf clubs, skis, bikes, car seats, etc. This reader is considering giving up something they enjoy just because of airline fees. It saddens me.

Thanks to everyone who reads–comments or not.


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