Credit Card Companies Slap “Good” Customers

So you pay your credit card bill on time and in full each month. Well good for you, but not everyone thinks you’re so great. The company that issued your credit card liked you in the beginning because you might have had good credit. To them that means low risk. But spring time in relationships is short. After long periods of you not carrying a balance, they are a little tired of not making money off you. You are now looked at as a “freeloader”. So guess what, dear, they’ve come up with a way to squeeze some money even out of you.

These are a few fees that “good” cardholders like you might feel:

Magically Appearing Annual Fee: You may have signed up for a card with no annual fee, but since they can’t get any other fees out of you they suddenly create a new policy. This hits you with an annual fee.

Disappearing Grace Period: This might also come as a change in policy. Remember, if your grace period is eliminated or shortened, you’ll accrue interest from the day you make a purchase. The only way to avoid a finance charge would be to pay your bill before you receive it.

You might not realize these changes have been made if you don’t pay close attention. By law anytime a policy or terms change is made the company must notify you IN WRITING. Typically it’s mailed, sometimes it’s emailed. Other times it’s an electronic document accessed through your online account. In this case you’ll receive an email that directs you to go look at your electronic documents. All companies will send notices via whatever is the most cost effective way that meets the minimum notification requirements. You could miss it, but that’s you’re problem.


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